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May your individual Inspiration and Vision always excite your Soul


I just wanted to pass on my thanks.I entered your class with a feeling of nervousness and trepidation having never tried yoga before but from the moment you greeted me I felt completely at ease. As you walked us through meditation, gentle stretches and poses I felt my mind and heart meet and my tired worn out body melt into my yoga mat. I leave your classes with kindness and gratitude and a feeling of complete relaxation. It’s like being wrapped up in a big nurturing hug and then leaving in a bubble of light and love.  It’s an hour of my week that allows me to recover and appreciate my place in the world and for that I’m truly grateful.Thank you Fi.Many thanks,Kate


I have been attending Fiona’s yoga classes since early 2017. The smaller class sizes ensure you are treated as an individual, not a number, and are held in a setting which makes you feel immediately relaxed.You feel nurtured right from the beginning  - starting the class with a restorative pose, guided at your own pace and ability throughout the session, and ending with yoga nidra accompanied by singing bowls.  Impromptu discussions at the end of class have been enlightening and informative. I have found her restorative yoga invaluable as a way to deal with my recent lumbar pain. I feel completely confident recommending Fi as your hatha yoga instructor and know my life has been enriched by taking regular weekly classes with her.Cathrine .M


I love the yoga classes because of the balance between stretching, strength, relaxation and meditation, and the peaceful atmosphere Fiona creates for the class. I feel great afterwards.Catherine.L❤️


Fiona you are the best yoga teacher I have ever had.  I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and sensitivity to my needs and level. You are always giving positive feedback which had encouraged me to build my confidence in myself and in my mind and body.Your yoga sessions are so supportive, informative, clear, loving and your wealth of knowledge is amazing.  You inspire me to be more.  I especially love the way you finish your sessions.  I feel like you transport me through the universe through the sounds of the crystal bowl and mediation at the end.  It sets my day and week to flow beautifully.  Thank you so much for everything you offer, you are truly amazing and I am so grateful to you. Mish xx

Hi Fiona I hope great things have come your way. I think of you at times.You always spoke about health and nutrition. It really inspired me, it started a journey that hasn’t stopped. I'm want to share with you,  the  impact that you had on our lifestyle, you’re a great role model!! I also want to say thank you - your words of wisdom opened up my world and how I care for my family and myself. You changed the direction of our lives!!! Kayla.S xox