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Inspiring Heart

Release your infinite potential - NOW both ONLINE and ON THE MAT!


May your individual Inspiration and Vision excite your Soul - join me Online or on the mat for opportunities to sustain your Yoga practice.Now more than ever is a time to expand you potential and create new experiences to live a fuller more abundant life. Join me at one of my work shops or invest fully in your wellbeing at My retreat and join me on a journey to the Heart...now that's where the magic happens.


You have 2 Choices in life,

even in a pandemic!


Choose LOVE & don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful Heart.

Allow me to take you on a Journey of Self Love, Joy and abundance. All it takes is a conscious mind.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and requests from some of my beautiful clients, I now offer both Online and mat classes. I invite you to actively choose love for yourself and our community. I firmly believe that the more people practicing yoga, the better the energy on the planet.

What I have learnt from years of manifesting and dreaming is that when the heart and mind are in alignment we can be do and have all that our heart desires.


Womens Retreats


One Day Retreat



Hey there,

I’m Fiona Heart, Wellness Alchemist & Manifestor who believes you can heal yourself with conscious self nourishment. I invite you to join me in maintaining your Breath and Balance both on and off the mat.       Whether its embodying your yoga practice, a deep healing massage (Lomi Lomi style) ,attending a workshop or indulging in a life changing retreat , Fiona facilitates your journey with passion and purpose.