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Vitality Catering


It’s a passion of mine to cater for Yoga Retreats mainly due to my experience as a Yoga instructor. My Learning’s have taught me that Yoga is a holistic experience, not just on the mat. It is also a Love of mine to Nourish, Share and Inspire others through the creative delights of food.

Over the Years I have catered for many retreats and also that of my own, now having absolute Understanding of the importance of how food on a Retreat can make or break It’s success as your Guests expect the Wow factor. They desire to engage every sense in their body.


Each meal is prepared with Love and where possible all produce used is organic and locally sourced.

Yoga has guided me to further my knowledge of the importance of a Vegan diet.

I have understood the importance of the functioning of the human body, the necessary vitamins and minerals to support and complement our systems both physically and mentally and what foods nourish and heal the body in the process of changing to a plant based Diet.

Our Recipes are based on the following Principles:


Sensory to me is everything:

We ensure you that you will be tantalised by the smells, sights, and tastes from this culinary experience.



Its Vital that the body is nourished and sustained throughout the day with food that heals the body, energising and supporting a healthy Body /Mind /Spirit connection.



You can be confident that all our ingredients are FREE preservatives or colours etc.


Rich in Proteins

Satisfaction Guaranteed, even to the Steak lover, where all our meals will leave you feeling Surprisingly Satisfied ;)


Complete proteins

All nine essential amino acids infused in every meal.

Iron Rich

The first concern of Vegan is Iron, especially us as women who require the use and absorption as our body changes with the ever-flowing cycle of life. We insure the added ingredients to keep this Balance.

Additionally we understand your guests are as important to you as they are to us.

Many people in my experience due to the manipulation of Foods these days have intolerances, allergies and special requirements due to other factors.

Fiona not only caters for gluten free and other needs but makes her own GF Flours, dairy free cheeses and biscuits bases just to name a few,  from scratch, with colour, intense flavour and leaving you feeling satisfied on all Levels.


So we have a repertoire of alternatives for all our recipes and menus to cater for individual needs.


You will feel nurtured and cared for through the unique detail and Love infused Meal and delighted by the Raw cakes, slices, breads and Bite size treats Fiona Creates.

Fiona’s Philosophy is minimal waist and a reduced footprint to our planet so there is little waste and when catering any indoor or outside events proper crockery and cutlery is my preferred choice.

I enjoy working together with clients to get the Ultimate result for your Guests.

So communication and reliability are my Specialty.

Vigour Catering is based in the Macedon Rangers area and specialises in vegetarian and Vegan catering for Retreats.

We can cater for retreats of 10 people and up to 40 people or more.



 Example Of Retreat Menu Pricing

Friday – Sunday Menu   $200 Per Person

 Experience Includes

2 X Luscious Yogi Breakfast / Plus Muesli and Sourdough Bread
2 X Lunch
2 X Dinner
All day Seasonal Fruit Bowl
2 X Morning Tea  & 2 X Afternoon tea


Price including all day teas, milks, honey.

Note:  Catering outside the Macedon Rangers will incur Extra costs for Travel and accomodation .