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May your individual Inspiration and Vision always excite your Soul

About Me

Fiona is a wellness Alchemist . A Mother of 3 boys with 20 years of experience in nutrition, 20 years practicing yoga and now a teacher in the philosophy and wellness of Hatha yoga after many years in the beauty industry.  Her passion is in life itself,  and it is most felt through her Massage (Lomi Lomi Style) an infusion of Love, Connection and Finesse.

Fiona understanding the principles of manifesting all that she invites into her life. Fiona's path inspires us to Self-love, treating the body as a temple, nourishing every cell in your body, mind and soul with Nourishing food and Conscious thoughts. With the wisdom that we are all light Energy.  She maintains Balance in all that she does, keeping it real and inviting all individuals to explore their own true expression.  

Fiona's welcomes you on a journey to transform your current life through consciousness, embracing positive change into your life, letting go of destructive habits, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve the pure essence of who you truly are. Trusting your inner guidance and taking responsibility for our choices, bringing us to a higher place of self-love.

Fiona shares her knowledge of food, understanding what we eat influences vibrational energy, our mood and our hormones, which effects all aspects of our lives, including our relationships with others and  most importantly that with ourselves.  As Women we are all Unique in our essence and sometimes we need the support of our sisters to remind us of our Devine Beauty and Authentic Power. 

Standing in the wisdom of the Yogic way, holding compassion for self and others, without judgement  or blame and aiming for an enlightened life that creates Health & Harmony in all our experiences, both internally and externally.

So if something is calling you for more self love and personal Growth for a more  joyful and Peaceful life join Fiona on a journey of Knowledge & Wisdom and share in the Divine passion to Be, Do and Have all your Heart desires... 


You can start right now..... 


Make an appointment today to join a YOGA class or indulge in your own personal one on one class,  learn how to nourish your family in a FOOD PREP class or join us on an inspiring RETREAT, in a sacred space to Reflect, Heal and Transform with like-minded women.

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Made with Love

Fiona Heart 




Vision Statement 

"Empowering Women through self Love "


Mission Statement

Guiding Women to wholeness, Indulging in Self love through their Creative spirit, Intuition and Wisdom.


I encourage self -development through books and education, inspiring minds with knowledge, sharing affirmations encouraging positive thoughts, positive mind, positive life .

Pleasurable pallet - Food for the soul 

Engaging in food rituals, coming together sharing meals infused with love in nature or at the table.... a sacred space for communication, connection and creation.

Sourcing seasonal local produce and preparing nourishing meals with family and friends.

Nourish your body with food to strengthen your immune system, heal your mind with clarity & joy and never stop pleasing your soul with your inquiring pallet embracing the vibrational energy of raw food.

Indulge in the variety of colours and scents of what nature provides us. 

Never stop flirting with your relationship with food...........

I Encourage Movement…Energy creates energy, and believe movement is crucial element in


I teach Hatha yoga, integrating the Breath through mind body connection, igniting wellness on every level. 

I Heal with massage using heartfelt intuition, connection and breath...

I co- facilitate Retreats for both Women and Men...

Our retreats offer various movements through Yoga, Meditative walks, Self-massage and Dance. I facilitate Yoga Nidra that encourages  self awareness, going inwards and discover the depth of awareness that creates a framework for the practices on Sankalpa, meditation and mindfulness.

People all over the world are awakening to a feeling of stepping into a more consciousness.  As we do so, there is a need for support and connection with one another. 

Life is a rich tapestry and in sharing the journey we discover we are more in common than different. We are all unique and we walk our individuals paths but we all hold that common ground, to live a meaningful, engaging, and purposeful life. 

Women and Men’s Retreats create a sacred space for us all to unite with our unique gifts and practices, techniques and tools that help us unveil, honour and align us to the wisdom of our intuitive  hearts.